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Monavie Company

Okay, maybe this is a scam, maybe there are some dubious health claims, but now let’s talk about the company.

Monavie LLC is a company selling juices (or, to be more precise:  “products made from blended fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, powders and purées”. Those juices are being sold through MLM (Multilevel Marketing).

Now, get to the facts:

The company is BIG

In 2009 it was in the list of 500 fastest growing companies – it was 18th on Inc. 500 2009 list; AND 1st in Food & Beverage category. So it started pretty well.

Fast to 1 Billion Dollars in Revenue, or not?


The business is shrinking

In 2009 it was one of the fastest growing companies – but now the situation is not so good.


There are some not so nice things from the past