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Hey, I have the best Opportunity For You!


Greetings everyone!

I’m delighted to be here to bring you some good news that could change and reward you financially for the rest of your life. Did someone invite you to delve in a new business or opportunity so overwhelmingly excited to share and joined in? Oh well! the internet abounds with plenty of such opportunity and you are usually left on the thinking of whether to join or not?

Like mushrooms.

MLM and networking were like mushrooms sprouting in every corner of the real and the virtual world. The concept of a product created by companies that instead of spending their money on either enhancing their products and media marketing they focus more on developing schemes they will pay on commissions and other compensation systems to build their sales force. According to one source, commissions up to 58% goes to the sales team. That’s awesome, isn’t it? Seems to be better than some profit-sharing schemes of some NYSE or NASDAQ listed companies. In fact, these networking companies hardlyneed an e-commerce site built to offer their wares. They greatly rely on their human team media crawling and sprouting like… yes, you got it right – just like mushrooms!

The stigma that lingers.
The long history of scams has plagued the business that hinders what supposed to be its flourishing glory. In 2003, when the internet based ‘pyramid scam was disclosed by the US Federal Trade Commission wherein customers were made to pay a registration fee in joining what was then called the ‘internet mall’ who offered huge commissions in exchanged of packaged goods and services with facilities provided such as internet mails and all, the internet commerce began the series of schemes and scamming. And in 2006, Ireland became the center of schemes activity by Cork & Galway into the so-called ‘liberty scheme’ patterned from the eight-ball scheme model which later named to ‘Speedball’ and ‘People in Profit.’ it grew into its European neighbor Germany were payment transaction have been taking place to skip and evade Irish taxation law.The same scheme spreads through the United Kingdom in the year 2008 & 2009 under the scheme name ‘Give & Take.’

Today, the MLM industry have grown into a $120-$130 billion dollar industry and there’s no indication that its going to stop as long as there are people who’s visions and goals was to work and earn a living. As long as people are getting something out of it. As long as there are products and consumers. As long as business goes on. MLM through rewards and schemes will be here.

Mumbai’s QNet Game Changer Nabbed


In Mumbai, India, the company that said they stand behind the ideologies of the great humanitarian activist Mahatma Gandhi has been gong through some hot waters.
The Mumbai police have frozen bank accounts of Mumbai’s Qnet franchise company, Vihaan Direct Marketing and its organizers in Mumbai namely: Haresh Bhadra (37), Suvija Pai (36) and Monish Bhandarkar (31) who have duped investors and admitted they have received invested money ranging between Rs 30,000 and Rs 7 lakh which basically involved hefty thousands and hundred thousands of US dollars. The group operates by persuading investors to distribute QNet products such as QNet’s Himalayan Crystals and metals such as QNet’s Titanium Metal Treatment which the organizers claimed to have miraculous healing powers in treating various ailments and diseases including cancer.