EM Goldex Scam: The Alluring Pyramid in Circles

The alluring glitters of gold has attracted many in different parts of the world.  But some have discovered illegalities in the operations of EM Goldex.  Below are some of these countries with revelations about the EM Goldex gold business:

The Interactive Gold Table Circle revealed by Estonia.


In March 2013, Estonia’s Consumer Protection Board have investigated the business model and was convinced it was a pyramid scheme.

They’ve found out that in order to start up the business one has to spare at least €540 cash and must have 2 people willing to invest the same amount who also can get extra 2 people willing to do the same investment. In exchange they are promised gold with value amounting to €3,500.

The €540 cash assures them a seat in the EM Goldex Interactive Gold Table which resembles a four level pyramid requiring 15 people to fill. The 4th level will have a person with 8 lines under him. All new recruits will start as the ground level lines. Dor these grounders to earn the gold they must reach the 4th level. All gold buyers has to pass the four levels of the Interactive Gold Table. Yhis is the circle to be achieved.  Upon exit, that will be the time compensation is earned. The circle ends and the ones on level one will get their bonus gold bars.

The remaining people will split in two and work their way up to the levels.  The former level three will now move to the fourth level as others follow the level turnaround. Anyone who fails to recruit the 2 new member will FREEZE the Interactive Gold Table Circle and get stagnant.

No Business registered in Panama.


Superintendencio Del Mercado de Valores (SMV) or the Securities Market of the Republic of Panama have issued a Public Release that EMGOLDEX or EMGOLDEX PANAMA has not been granted any kind of license nor has been issued with any kind of licence to operate a business in Panama.


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