MLM versus the JOB


Many people approached by MLM sellers hear about the comparison between MLM and a job.

J.O.B. as MLM people call it for Just Over Broke, or Jackass Of a Boss.

From MLMers point of view, doing their “business” is better than  being “stuck” at your job.

But where is the truth? Let‘s try to demystify each point.

The J.O.B.

Real job you gets you paid. That’s obvious of course. If someone hires you, cheated you by not paying you the agreed amount or have not paid you at all for the job you did. All you need to do is drop it and find another job.

Quite interesting fact in here: You do the job you get paid. You get paid and you do the job. If you do not get paid, you do not work. Seems pretty simple, right? But in the MLM world it is not so simple 🙂 In MLM you work, and not necessarily get paid. In fact, 99% of people in MLM lose money or work for peanuts.

But why would anyone work without being paid?

That is the interesting part. Fresh people that were sucked into MLM are lured through visions of high passive income. They got fancied on the thought that MLMers can enjoy walking the finest beaches of the world while the money keep rolling in. They were motivated to just work hard, wait patiently, and that someday they will be mega-rich. But for now, one must be happy if their MLM income covers expenses such as gas, seminars, tools, babysitting and buying those overpriced product offered.

The fact based on the US Census Bureau statistics, the typical income of people with real jobs from ages 25 and above and has attained some college education and those with bachelors and professional degrees can earn anywhere from $25,500 to as much as $100,000. (Income statistics for the year 2005, US Census Bureau, 2006). The average typical family income in the year 2014 is $53,567.

JOB is a pyramid.

It has been known that most MLM companies work using the pyramiding scheme. But somehow business organizations also follow a pyramid and level of organization where the bosses were on top and much of the workforce in the organization works below them.

In MLM, about 95%-99% lose money or works for peanuts – earning less than the minimal wage. Those at the top will earn much money, while most people below works for them for free. That is how the structure is a pyramid on an MLM.

The FACT about the J.O.B.

And the fact remains that HARD WORK pays. Real job earners do get regular pay even those at the bottom of the level. But working hard enough can get you up the ladders in the organization and earn big pay.

In MLM, hard work and marketing skills does pay well. And although MLMers belonging to the bottom of the pyramid works for peanuts and hardly got paid on a regular basis. With persistent hard work and marketing skills one can as well get big bucks in MLM!

Below is an eye-opener infographic:


Still thinks that MLM is better?

And, do you think you are better or will work harder than 99% of other people in MLM?

Read on…


What about the BOSS?

Yes, the dreaded BOSS. The douchebag that yells at you at work. The one who tells you do this and do that. The one sitting in his office with an assistant or secretary next to him.

The FACT about the BOSS

In real jobs if you have that edge and skills, chances are your boss will be nice to you. Without being rude, you might have that option to dictate to your boss the post you desire or move you to another job slot available. But if you are lazy, then definitely the boss will yell right back at you.

In MLM the boss is your upline as they are regularly called and are usually nice. Talking to them is a pleasure. At least as long as you do what they say (and what makes THEM profit). You can meet many interesting, nice, open people in MLM, and you can grow by hanging out with them. But really, you can meet nice people and colleagues whether in real job or in the MLM world.


Passive income is like a unicorn. Many people know it and heard about it, but how much of them actually saw it?


Real jobs get you paid on a regular basis with less effort due to its routine activity. In MLM, MLMers cannot stop working in your MLM even if you lie in the beach while money rolls in. Unless you are one triple-mega-crown-diamond or other similar big honcho in the MLM world.

What happens when you stop working? Your structure will simply fall off with time and migrate to new, better, greener shiny MLM. And even if you work hard, your MLM could still collapse one day.

Have you noticed what your MLM up line guru do? Do they speak on stage, host webinars, write e-mail, and always look to grow their structure? Or do they walk the beaches of the world, or lay in hammock sipping piña colada?

Get out of the rat race!

And get into… what?




The FACT about the RACE

To do the job you need some skills. Unless you are flipping burgers for minimum wage, in that case learn some skills and voila, your income rises.

But in MLMs anybody can join. And you need to compete against thousands of brainwashed individuals, who want to claim your market share. Until the market saturates, and no one buys into your MLM opportunity anymore. Nor buy overpriced and useless stuff. And then you need to pedal even faster.

Is it not a rat race?

Insurance & Perks

Do you get medical insurance in your job? Bonuses? Perks?

Medical insurance are offered by companies to provide their employees and workers with wellness benefits to keep up with their health and get them going to do their jobs. Aside from medical insurances, companies may provide other perks and amenities related to their work routines and as added motivation for them to enjoy working within the organization.


Real job may or may not offer insurance and other perks but it will usually come after a period of staying and working for the company.

In MLM, you are not their worker. You are just a salesman on commission and team builder on commission of commissions. And no, you will not get insurance. Unless you buy it.

Freedom & time.

For real job earners, the day usually starts early in the morning, going through the hassles of traffic and traveling as you beat the 9AM clock to get in the office and never be late for it could mean reprimands or deductions on the pay. And when you finish your day of work in a job, you can just sit at home and relax, meet friends talk to family, go to dinner and all. Then hit the sack and sleep off the night only to rise again in the morning to do the same routine.

In MLM you usually work your evenings, to lure people that work at morning and afternoon, into your network. And on weekends you may have meetings and rallies. If there would be a plus in working in the MLM world, it could be that you can usually sleep longer.


In network marketing no one tells you what to do, nobody orders you anything. Maybe you’re upline suggest what to do, but your upline really has no real power to require you about the job. Your upline may just let you go about your own business of growing your own MLM line.

But, if you want to earn good money from MLM, you need to be in the top 1% of the market. And this mean no lazy mornings and working part time. It means a lot of hard work and putting lots of time and effort.

The REAL FACT about JOB & MLM?

Choose JOB if you want to get paid.


Choose MLM, if you want illusion of being mega rich… someday!


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  1. Why mlm fails? Because most people does not understand the system behind it’s working. If everyone understands the system, the network may grow rapidly. But unfortunately many guest in spite of understanding the system believe that they will be trapped, so the ratio of joining is less and as a result 90 percent earn peanuts.

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