Diamonds are forever – NOT

Did you hear that diamond are forever?

Or that when you achieve status of diamond (in Amway or other company) you will be walking beaches of the word, living rich life and money will be coming on autopilot?

The sad truth is that there are lots of people that are no longer diamond – they were diamond just once, or a few times, and now they are not.

Those people either do Amway business but do not longer qualify for diamond status (and bonus), or they move to another MLM “business” or do something completely different now.

There are about 4000 Amway diamonds (present and former) worldwide.

Diamonds that were “terminated”

Do you think that with Amway you build your own business? Or maybe you are just a merchant that can be fired if it is convenient?

Yes, Amway can kick you off. Even if you are a diamond. For example after the so called TEAM dispute, those diamonds were “terminated”:


Randy & Valorie Haugen – Resigned and created a new MLM Company called ‘Legacy.’ Currently deals with MonaVie

Brig & Linda Hart – Brig joined Pronet, a Quixtar look-a-like but Hart was kicked out later for being a trouble and headache.

Carlos & Carmin Marin – continued to be associated with Dexter Yager and formed the MLM Company called ‘’

Fred & Linda Harteis – Fred resigned in 2008. Last know info about Fred was that passed away last June 7, 2013.

Ken & Doris Pittman – The couple was said to have initiated a new European MLM called Euronet.

Bob & Debe Schmidt – After moving to Neuvision, the couple also joined Xango.

Kenny Stewart – His IBO was terminated because of a Federal court case.

Don Storms – Amway suspended his account due to his participation in the unsuccessful Ponzi investment scheme.

John & Lynda Willis – The couple’s IBO was terminated and discontinued due to the case of leg buying.



Woodward, Orrin & Laurie
Sitcler, Roger
Florence, Bill & Peggy


Brady, Chris & Terri
Griffin, Len & Beatrix
Goetschel, Chuck & Colleen
Newton, Bill & Jann
Sims, John & Barbara
Smith, Lance & Tracey
Spolar, Curtis & Deborah
Stroh, Doug & Sherri


Coniguliaro, Dominick & Pat
Frey, Dean & Teresa
Guzzardo, George & Jill
Land, Joe & Lynn
Lewis, Bill & Jackie


Diamonds that lost their position

Kenny & Donna Stewart were Crowns within Amway. But after divorce Ken Stewart’s business was terminated by Quixtar due to a lawsuit in federal court.

Werner & Emma Gomeringer – Crown

Ken & Doris Pittman – Crown

Keith & Jimmie Lee Bellknap – Triple

Robert & Jo Crisp – Triple

Jon & Linda Willis – Double

Marshall & Diana Douglas – Executive

Joe & Doris Shaw – Executive

Terry & Yvonne McEven – Executive

Diamonds that moved to other MLM

Leonard Hall (Crown) to Xango

Bob Schmidt (Double) to Xango

Ed Johnson to Xango

Don Lorencz to Melaleuca

Brig Hart (double) – MonaVie

Trevor Chatcham (executive) – Omegatrend

Cliff Minger (Executive) – FrutaVida

Carlos Marin (Executive) – Empexis

Bo Short –  has joined Oasis

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