Mumbai’s QNet Game Changer Nabbed


In Mumbai, India, the company that said they stand behind the ideologies of the great humanitarian activist Mahatma Gandhi has been gong through some hot waters.
The Mumbai police have frozen bank accounts of Mumbai’s Qnet franchise company, Vihaan Direct Marketing and its organizers in Mumbai namely: Haresh Bhadra (37), Suvija Pai (36) and Monish Bhandarkar (31) who have duped investors and admitted they have received invested money ranging between Rs 30,000 and Rs 7 lakh which basically involved hefty thousands and hundred thousands of US dollars. The group operates by persuading investors to distribute QNet products such as QNet’s Himalayan Crystals and metals such as QNet’s Titanium Metal Treatment which the organizers claimed to have miraculous healing powers in treating various ailments and diseases including cancer.

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